The way of packing the suitcase with all our washed and ironed fresh clothes should be carefully done without hurting the neatness of it. The focus of any packaging should not only be upon saving the space for other dresses to be packed along but it should be done in a very neat way that will never make any issues with the dresses that is being packed. Everybody uses a different method for different dresses or clothes while folding it. Learn about how to fold a dress shirt in a very neat way that will not even hurt any right folding of the particular shirt.

Different people prefer different ways to keep their clothes packed into a suitcase. One would like to roll it and some would want to fold it like they will usually do in real. Some will like to use vacuum or compression bags that will save more space for even more dresses. Some would always want to take out their packed clothes in the same condition as they put it in while packing. Some would never mind if the clothes are wrinkled or have formed irregular folding or not. Some just want to pack more clothes and they will never bother about the condition of the cloth after unboxing it again. This is why the way of packing differs for everyone. Read below to know why it actually matters.

vacuum storage bags

  • First comes the method of bundling the clothes. It means that you will be using this method for the ones that are prone to getting wrinkled. You must bundle in such a way that the clothes that you will not care about getting wrinkled should be in the inner layer of the bundle and the ones that should not be wrinkled in the outer layers. This method will reduce wrinkles in the dresses packed in the outer layer. T shirts, pants and others can be kept in this method.
  • Next comes the rolling in which you will not make any layers but roll each dress into a roll. It means that each dress that is rolled will be prone to wrinkles and it should not be followed for clothes that should not get any wrinkles. Another thing is folding the clothes in which the method will not help you in saving any space but take up more if not done properly.
  • Make use of vacuum or compression bags if you want to pack a lot of clothes in the same suitcase. Check that each of the method that you use for packing every cloth does the same job that you expect it to do. Checkout how to fold a dress shirt for travel and make packing more easy.