The importance of having a complete and happy family is a divine blessing. Other than that, having a whole family implies that each member of the family loves each other. Often in the current situation, the couple faces a serious problem regarding parental responsibility. In return, it affects the marital relationship that leads to divorce. The main family members who are affected here are the children. What exactly is the importance of proper care, love, and a good future for the children? These are the essential roles of the parent that should be given to their offspring. However, parental responsibility is affected because of their relationship. The children are at a disadvantage, which family law is enacted this time.

What if the parents are divorced?

Divorced parents must not be the reason why children can’t get their right to a good future. Children have the right to education and to have a better future, regardless of the current situation of their parents. If the parent has no idea as to whom the custody of children will take responsibility, he/she has to visit and consult a legal authority. As a parent, Ask for the assistance of the professional Houston child custody attorneys for the child’s welfare. These attorneys are the legal authorities that will explain everything about the custody of the children. Who deserves to have the right to custody of children? Does a parent who did not win have the right to custody of the child? Can they still be called the child’s parents even without their care? These child custody attorneys can answer these questions to enlighten the parents. One of these questions is the responsibility of the non-custodial parent to the children, even if it is not in their care. Family law aims to protect children even if their parents are separated.

Houston child custody attorneys

Responsibilities of the parents

Parents who work to determine the custody of their children can be awarded as the custodial or non-custodial parent depending on whom the custody of the children will be given. Each of them will be awarded as the custodial and non-custodial parent. Both can be awarded for the physical and legal custody of the children. To determine the roles of the parents for the custody of the parents, read below.

Responsibility of the custodial parents

  • Given the physical custody of the children
  • The child lives and spends the majority of the time
  • A parent must put the best interests of the children first to provide a happy and healthy life
  • Basic stability is provided (food, clothing, education, and home, etc.)

Responsibility of the non-custodial parent

  • A parent without physical custody
  • Parenting and visitation rights
  • Eligible to fight for legal custody (the right to make decisions for the child’s education, religion, relocation, healthcare, and general well-being)

Both custodial and non-custodial parents provide child support.