Winter is about to strike at full strength. And if you kill your guard, it can increase your chances and the likelihood that your family members will catch some of these viruses in the air. This is because winter air is usually dry compared to wet summers; in this case, a humidifier can help. Best humidifiers increase air humidity, offering you and your family many benefits, including protection against disease.

Are you looking for reasons to invest in a humidifier? Here are 5!

Reason # 1: make viruses inactive in the air

According to a study conducted by colleagues from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it was found that when the room contained a relative humidity of less than 23%, approximately 77% of the viral particles were present in their infectious state. However, when the humidifier was increased to 43%, only 14% of the particles were able to infect cells.

Thus, the investigation concluded that if the humidity in the room remains above 40%, the infectious ability of the viruses as a whole will become inactive. If you have children or children whose immune system is more susceptible to disease, a humidifier can be a great way to prevent the disease.

Reason # 2: Helps Relieve Sinusitis

Do you regularly suffer from congestion and sinusitis? When the air around you is dry, your chest is not working correctly. The sinus and mucus in the nose do not flow and do not drain as it should. Besides, congestion can also aggravate sinus pain. ENT experts say having humidifiers at home can be an excellent option for treating sinus problems.

Healthy reasons every home needs a humidifier

Reason # 3: Prevent nosebleeds

Epistaxis in dry weather, especially in winter, but not limited to this, is very common. Children suffer from this more than adults. A humidifier helps maintain lubrication and moisture in the nasal passage, reducing the chance of nosebleeds, if not wholly avoided.

Reason # 4: Helps Maintain Beautiful Skin

We are very used to dry, cracked, and flaky skin in the dry season: burning and unpleasant, not to mention the fact that your skin also looks aged. With a homemade humidifier, you will make sure your skin looks moisturized, healthy, and relatively radiant in dry weather.

Reason # 5: Improved sleep without snoring!

Lose sleep from your partner’s snoring? Here is what you may not have known. While snoring is a common habit for some, intensity tends to worsen in drier climates. This is due to a dry throat. A humidifier helps dry your throat, which usually reduces snoring so you and your partner can sleep better.