Are you wanted to live in a luxury house? If yes, then first you have to visit at Explore Miami Real Estate Company. This is the best firm in which you can find a perfect place to live with full luxury and amenities. Aventura Park Square is the best building to live a luxury life for your residential area at a very affordable price. This building also contains various types of features that you can get while you started staying in this building. In this building, you will get the house for rent, or as well, you can buy the property in this building at a very genuine rate. On the 5th floor of this building, you will get the swimming pool, fitness center, multi-functional community, and outdoor kitchen for preparing your guests a proper meal. For more information about this property, you can visit Exploremiamirealestate agency for deep information about the property and features of property.

Amenities and Features of Aventura Park Square:

  • In this building, you will get the social room.
  • This building also provides a security system for you.
  • Elegant Amenity deck on the 5th floor of the building.
  • Gym and Fitness center with the latest pieces of machinery.
  • Lounge area and sunrise pool.
  • The entire building is equipped with a high-speed Wi-Fi connection.
  • Availability of 24-Hour valet parking for residents.

Apartment in Oceania Building

Residential Area of Aventura Park Square:

Aventura Park Square is the latest and modern community center with various types of features and amenities. This building was completed in the year 2018 and had the 8th story of a residential building. This place also has an area for business, restaurants, and fine dining, etc. Every floor has Wi-Fi connectivity and also with a great floor ceiling on each floor. The apartments of this building are fully equipped with cabinets, floor ceiling, deluxe appliances, balconies, and other features. This is the best place to live your luxury life and maintain your luxury lifestyle. At Exploremiamirealestate, you will find the right place to live for you and get the best deal at a very affordable price.

Features of Aventura Park Square residential:

  • In this building, you will get free parking and valet parking for 24 hours.
  • Every floor and apartment has the floor to ceiling windows.
  • Each apartment is equipped with the cabinet, which is based on European style.
  • Every room has equipped with luxury and master bathrooms.
  • Steam and hot water showers are included in the bathrooms.
  • Twenty-four hours of security system has been equipped in the entire building.
  • Every room has a private balcony, which makes your life more luxury and you can relax in your private balcony having a beer in hand or with family.