If you are someone who want to know about the symptoms of osteoarthritis, then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Click here for singapore sports and orthopaedic clinic.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis

At the start

Usually, the symptoms of osteoarthritis develop gradually and initially only affect one or a few joints. The joints of the fingers, the base of the thumbs, the neck, the lower back, the big toe, the hip and the knees are usually affected. Visit this site for singapore sports and orthopaedic clinic.


Pain, often described as intense and profound, is the first symptom and, when it occurs in the load joints, it usually gets worse with activities that involve supporting body weight (such as standing still). In some people, the joint may be stiff after sleeping or any other period of inactivity, although stiffness usually disappears after 30 minutes, especially if the joint is mobilized.

Problem in the join

As the disorder causes more symptoms, the joint loses mobility and eventually loses the ability to stretch and bend completely. The new growth of cartilage, bone or other tissues can enlarge the joints. The irregular surfaces of the cartilage cause the joints to squeak, squeak and creak when mobilized, and become painful on palpation.

Bone excrescences usually develop in the joints near the fingertips (the so-called Heberden nodules) or in the joints of the middle part of the fingers (the so-called Bouchard nodules).

In some joints (such as the knee), the ligaments, which surround and support the joint, are stretched so that it becomes unstable. Alternatively, the hip or knee become stiff and lose range of motion. It can be very painful to touch or move the joint (especially when standing, climbing stairs or walking).