The dental appliance which substitutes a tooth which is missing or disguise the defects of the tooth is dental prothesis. These appliances involve crowns, dentures, veneers, and implants etc. few of them can be fixed in your mouth permanently or eliminated. Search for protesis dental Barcelona for knowing more about dental prothesis. If you feel that you are going to get advantage from this treatment then your prosthodontist or dentist can explain about the choices that are effective for your dental requirements.

What are the various kinds of dental prothesis?

Let’s discuss about the different types of dental prothesis.

Dental bridge:

It is the single cap which is fixed over the decayed or damaged tooth. The dental bridge is created with two crowns of dental with the fake teeth or tooth among them. Because of their structure, they are able to get the teeth which is adjacent and that are damaged, missing, and decayed. When a dental bridge is utilized along with the implants, they are called as supported bridge of implant. They are used when natural teeth are not able to support the prothesis. The dental bridge replacement is same as putting a dental crown. However, two of the dental implanted are kept in it.

Dental Veneers Treatment

Dental crowns:

It is the cap which is fixed over the tooth top and is created to match the natural tooth shape and color. It is placed when the original tooth can no longer handle the severe decay or damage, at that time implant supported crown might be used. To put this crown, the natural tooth needs to be removed. Then a screw of implant is put in the attachment piece, abutment, or in jaw bone. The abutment will come out of the line of the gum as the gums are stitched around it. When the site of implant is healed and fused with bone implant, a dental crown is placed and fabricated. These are often utilized to restore one missing tooth or multiple teeth which is missing which are not adjacent with each other.


These are the artificial gums and teeth which are utilized to restore the lower teeth arch or upper teeth. They are utilized in the cases where big number of original teeth is damaged or affected. Even though dentures are utilized as dental prothesis of removable thing. The fixed dentures utilize dental implants for mouth’s permanent stabilization. They are also called as dentures of implanted support for this purpose they are called as all on four implants. It needs to be replaced with at least four implants and removal of any damaged or decayed tooth.

Thus, these are some of the types of dental prothesis treatments.