This is every parent who wants to have healthy, happy and cheerful children. Most parents are attentive to ensure that their children are exposed to the right elements that will promote good health and good habits.

There are several things a father can do to promote healthy lifelong habits for his children.

Setting an example is the most important action a parent can take. When a child sees that his father leads a healthy lifestyle, he is filled with physical exercises, eating healthy foods, including healthy snacks. For children, when they get enough sleep, they drink enough water and reduce the amount of sugar consumed; this lifestyle is introduced by Mariyam Dawood and becomes a lifelong practice.


Food is the main cause of obesity among children today. The wrong choice of food today can be harmful tomorrow. Teaching children how to follow the health pyramids and eat according to the rules will benefit them. By making smart choices when it comes to eating healthy snacks for children, you will teach them how to balance their snacks. Not because it’s a snack means it should be crap.

Mariyam DawoodBreakfast is a problem that is quite noticeable in the school breakfast program. Children do not have breakfast at home, in the morning there may not be enough time or there may be a cost factor, but whatever it is, they do not get it.


Water is like a prohibited substance; Children do not drink enough to get rid of toxins. Naturally, children like sweets, including sugary drinks like soda. Water will help eliminate some of the sugar and harmful substances from the body. Water also hydrates the body and allows it to cool naturally. Children will benefit greatly from healthy snacks for children with a glass of water.