To cope with the energy sources that exist at your business and home, you may use Fengshui techniques. Fengshui is a Chinese concept that seeks to identify the components in your environment that are causing you difficulties. We’re doing this to help you achieve the balance between the energy in your professional and personal surroundings.

Customers of Adelina Pang include significant business owners and professionals, as well as celebrities and aristocracy from Singapore and throughout the world. Her pleased clients have appreciated her pleasant personality, sense of humor, and modesty. Her no-nonsense approach to her work has earned her a reputation as a well-respected person around the globe.

Feng shui is concerned with being mindful of one’s surroundings and orientation

feng shui services in singapore may be practiced and used in various ways, each unique method. A few are very scientific, while others are spiritual, while others are superstitious, and yet others are based on plain old-fashioned common sense.

As a mother in Singapore, the Feng Shui Master found her enthusiasm for Chinese Metaphysics while researching alternative and more healthy ways to enhance her daughter’s health. With a strong sense of determination and curiosity, she delved further into the “energy harnessing” ways of Feng Shui by learning under numerous internationally known Feng Shui masters in Singapore and other Asian countries. Adelina has continued to learn and improve after finishing her training, to make a big difference in the lives of her clients in the future. The Consulting provides his clients in Singapore with an effective, competent, and no-nonsense Feng Shui consultant service.