To make more individuals employable in a market with one of the world’s largest working-age populations, India is attempting to raise the aspirational value of vocations such as plumbing, carpentry, and beautician.

The goals of skills programme, according to K P Krishnan, the chief bureaucrat in the skill development ministry, are to change people’s opinions of handyman professions and increase training capacity. Officials from the ministry are visiting institutes to talk to students about the necessity of learning vocational skills and participating in apprenticeship programmes.

What are the abilities that a handyman should have?

Repairs are frequently required by residential and commercial property owners, but not everyone has the time or expertise to complete them. It is your job as a handyman to make those repairs, thus possessing a diverse set of craftsmanship and practical abilities will come in helpful while performing repairs or regular upkeep on structures. Simple building maintenance through plumbing, painting, and gardening are examples of the types of handyman in Omaha, NE available.

Other abilities that may be useful depending on the role you take on – whether it’s as a caretaker or general maintenance worker in a household setting or in a commercial environment – include:

●       Capable of rapidly and effectively resolving problems

●       Ability to operate as part of a team and have excellent communication abilities

●       Problem-solving skills and adherence to health and safety regulations

●       Able to collaborate with other contractors or maintenance personnel

●       Being resourceful and self-motivated are two qualities that come highly recommended.

●       Physically fit – able to work with machinery and move heavy equipment.

●       Adaptability