LoL or League of Legends account is the most famous e-sports across the world. It’s played by more than 100 million of active users almost every month. League or LoL, is the Free-to-Play game that means there is not any cost of playing this game. Players will be able to create the free LoL Smurfs accounts; however it takes a very long time for leveling up at the maximum. This maximum level in LoL is at level 30. So, many players strive hard to reach the level as it’s a threshold needed to enter the ranked play.

LoL Smurfs

In addition, it is not possible for the players to have BE for buying 20 champions required to be ranked. The level 30 LoL accounts aren’t only required for the solo queues, but for the ranked teams as well. Therefore, you have to quickly level up if you are looking to play the game competitively in the team with your friends at the high levels.

How long it takes for you to Reach at 30 Level?

There’s not any definite answer for the question other than “the long time”. You will take many weeks to some months of playing this game to the max level, which depends on the factors like:

  • Number of games that you play daily
  • Number of games that you win daily
  • You’re using EXP boosts
  • You’re using win boosts
  • Kind of games you are playing whether bot or “ Normals” games

It’s estimated that it generally takes around 21, 389 Summoner experience for attaining level 30. The bot games give only 90 Experience a game and every game takes around 25 minutes that translates to over 150hours of the continuous game time. The best and fastest way of leveling up in the game is to buy the LoL Smurfs account.

What’s LoL Smurf Account?

The LoL Smurfs accounts are around since an emergence of the online gaming. First LoL Smurf account is thought to be created in 90s. The smurf accounts have become famous since then. These days, there are many smurf accounts for each online game, which includes League of Legends.

The smurfs account is another account, which allows you play under the separate name. As you do not have any reputation of living up to, and go a little wild or play different than the regular play style. It allows you enjoy your game a little more.