It is very easy to carry anywhere all over the world and can be stored in the pocket or the memory stick. There is a lot of risk factor behind carrying the paper money but transportation is very easy in btc when compared to carrying a bunch of paper money. There are a lot of advantages in Bitcoin usage which is untraceable by its nature.

btc price chart

The Government or other organization will not trace the source of fund and it will attract many individuals to invest their money in it. Individuals can make more money in Bitcoin it is not like normal currencies. Investing money in normal currencies does not give you much profit but if you invest the money in Bitcoin it will double the amount. There is no doubt in it.

There are many ways to make more money with btc, the most important three ways are listed below. One is saving more money using it and trading and then Bitcoin mining. These are the three important factors in the bitcoin to make more money. It can be traded on an open market where you can buy a lot of bitcoin at a low price and can sell the same with the very high rate it all depends on the individuals’ interest. For sure the value of Bitcoin will never drop, in recent weeks the growth of bitcoin is trending everywhere. These kinds of activities increasing the confidence of investor to virtual currency a lot. According to the scenario the bitcoin usage rate goes on increasing and more than a billion people all over the world are using bitcoin.