Bitcoin is completely digital money and a new payment method and it is the first decentralized currency whose transactions use peer to peer technology, as it does not have any central authority or intermediaries.

Follow bitcoin news to know more about bitcoins and crypto currency. One can get or earn them in numerous ways and some of them are as follows:

  • Mining – The number one way to earn more electronic money is through mining, which is a process of creating new bitcoins by performing a set of mathematical calculations. The difficult part of bit coin mining is the difficulty increases over time.
  • Micro-tasks – Though mining provides you more bitcoins, it is tougher than any other methods. So, another way to earn it by completing few small tasks that pay crypto currencies on finishing but you will get less pay but it is the easiest one to complete.


  • Bitcoin faucets – This is same as micro-tasks but you will get a few amounts of bit coins that are around 1 Satoshi in exchange of your time. One can claim prizes at certain interval of time.
  • Write about crypto currency – Another way to earn them is by writing articles or sharing your knowledge about this digital money to others.
  • Play games – The most entertaining way to earn them is by playing games on the web. You will be getting paid with this virtual money by playing and winning games on your mobile phones.