3-Methylmethcathinone is a novel stimulant entactogen substance which is from the cathinone class.It produces a mixture of entactogenic effects and is a classical stimulant when administered. All the derivatives of this cathinone are principally active components of the Khat plant of eastern Africa.

As evident from research, it’s suggested that the chemical cathinone predecessors, 3-MMC occurs in the form of a white powder of crystallized shards which users are ingesting for producing a fast-acting, powerful but short-lived effect of stimulant entactogen particularly when it’s vaporized, injected and insufflated.


It’s also known to be associated with the tendency of inducing a compulsive redosing and has an addictive behavior amongst most users. It also hasthe ability to induce anxiety, paranoia, stimulant psychosis, and various delusional states when it’s taken too frequently in excessive amounts and over an extended period of time.

Effects of 3-MMC

In the short term, you will see an extraordinary effect. Users can experience everything a lot more intense and will get a lot of energy, and they will start thinking that they can get the whole world in their hands. However,it’s too addictive and dangerous for physical health, and it’s also illegal in most countries so it should be avoided. For research purposes, you can buy the 3MMC chemical legally, and it should be bought from a reliable source. Although, you also need to take into account that 3MMC is not fit for consumption. So you will require right protective gear when you are researching it.

In addition, you must not test it on humans or animals. 3MMC is a risky research chemical, and it comes associated with multiple health risks. It’s clearly wise to take every precaution when you’re using 3MMC for research purposes. In this way, every research project you’re doing with 3MMC will be a lot of fun. For people who take 3MMC for a high or recreational purpose, you should be cautious and take minimal doses to avoid any poisoning or side effects.

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3 MMC is considered to be illegal in most nations because it’s a psychoactive drug which comes with potential side effects. It’s hazardous for health and can be used for the wrong reasons. Hence its sale and purchase are prohibited in many countries. With bitcoins, the decentralized and digital currency, your transactions remain secure and anonymous. This way there is no means to track back the person who has bought it. Most websites selling 3 MMC prefer and provide bitcoins as a mode of payment. It’s quite easy to convert your real money into bitcoins and pay using your card or other modes on these websites. This way, you can remain away from the vigilance of the government authorities.

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