For sure you have heard about ‘cinematherapy.’ Some people think that this is not real, but it actually is. In fact, many therapists prescribe this to their patients. This is a process where movies are used for therapeutic purposes, whether for big screens or television. To those who love watching movies, you know how you are affected emotionally no matter what type of movie your watch – whether it’s romantic, horror, action, comedy, fantasy, and so on.

Learn How Movies Can Help123 movies

The idea for cinematherapy is that you choose movies that have themes which mirror your situation. The movies from 123movies unblocked can help change how a person feels, think and deal with the up’s and downs of life. Here are some of the reasons how watching movies can help boost your mental health:

  • Encourage Emotional Release. Whatever movie you are watching, you will surely end up feeling whatever the movie wants you to feel. You can be sobbing, laughing, even hysterical! You will be able to show your emotions freely which you might not be able to do comfortably on your own. Because of this, it can help encourage you to express whatever you are feeling more frequently. This can greatly help since you need to open up in real life.
  • Sad Movies Makes You Happier. If you think sad movies can make you sadder, you are wrong. This can actually make you feel happier! If you are watching a movie, this makes you think of your loved ones. This would also make you feel happier about what you currently have in life. A study reveals that when you want a film with a tragic ending, for example, it makes you be more appreciative of what you have in your life.
  • Gives You A Mental Break. If you feel like you are getting tired of all the stress that your life brings on you, it is time to give your mind a break. Even if it’s just for a couple of hours, it can be a great help. Watching a movie can help you relax and reenergize. While at home, you can turn your computer on and access online movie streaming sites. You will instantly be transported to another place and time. It can give you a mental distraction which is a healthy and adaptive coping tool as long as you use it appropriately.
  • Temporary Relief. You probably already heard from someone that you should not watch suspense or thriller movies because this will just stress you out. According to experts, the suspenseful of these movies helps your brain release cortisol which is a stress hormone. But towards the end of the story, you will get more dopamine which can bring your feelings of pleasure.

Even though cinematherapy can be done on your own, it is still important that you never cancel your therapy appointment and use this instead as a substitute for your professional counseling. Cinematherapy should be done with professional supervision. Remember that movies can also make mental conditions worse when it is not done the right way.