-belts are one of the most commonly used belts in industrial applications. As the name suggests, they form a V shape that is extremely popular and are at a low cost. But you need to understand that not all V-belts are the same and they cannot be used for all purposes. There are different types of correas trapezoidales, and you should choose the one that suits your project. The main functions of V-belts are they transmit power from one shaft to another. Next, they can increase or decrease the motion speed.

V-belt pulleys are devices that transmit high power compared to other belt types. The main difference between V-belt and other types of belts is that the construction of grooves and their location. Here are a few advantages of correas trapezoidales that you should learn.




  • It requires only low maintenance and there is no need for lubrication.
  • They are extremely reliable.
  • The wear is gradual and so you could easily identify it.
  • Speed range is higher that increases productivity.
  • Another best thing is that it operates quietly.
  • V-belts can be easily installed and removed.
  • V-belts can dampen vibration.
  • There is no consequence of slip between the belts and pulleys.

The above are a few advantages of V-belts. The working model of the V-belt is so unique and different from the flat belts. V-belts have sidewalls and they fit into grooves so that it offers greater stability. V-belts are made from different materials like rubber or synthetic rubber. Therefore, it offers greater flexibility. V-belts are used in different industrial functions. Choosing the right belts and installing them properly is essential to have trouble-free functioning. Below are a few important parameters that you should check while selecting the V-belts.

  • You need to consider the belt profile. Check the design and size of the belts
  • Consider outside and center diameter. You should consider the distance across the pulleys when measured between groove edges. Also, you need to consider the center distances that should not be three times higher than the diameter of the largest pulley.
  • Check the grooves on the pulley. You need to find the width, angle, and number. Next, consider the pitch diameter to know the strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Thus, consider these points while choosing the v-belts.

Choosing v-belts for your industrial applications is the best choice because they come at a low cost. It is widely used because of its numerous advantages. Find the right supplier to get the v-belts.