Die casting is the process where metal alloys like aluminum, zinc, and magnesium are molded under pressure to get the product with a fine, smooth and textured surface. If we are talking about aluminum die casting, the process is the same, but the metal alloy used is aluminum. Since aluminum’s melting point is nearly 1150 degrees Celsius, the process for die-casting used is the cold chamber.

Cold chamber dies casting. 

One of the most suitable methods for aluminum die casting is a cold chamber since aluminum is corrosive and metal with a high melting point. During this process, aluminum is melted under high pressure in a furnace till it liquefies, and after liquefaction, it is scooped to inject into a dye.

Aluminum die casting company. 

The process requires costly machines and skilled workers, and most importantly, it requires space to carry out the process, so there are companies specialized in Alloy metal die casting. An aluminum die casting company in malaysia manufactures a wide range of components made from aluminum and uses the best quality of aluminum, such as A383, A380. The major benefits in dealing with aluminum die casting company in malaysia is stated below:

  • The usage of the multi-slide process makes the deal cost-efficient.
  • As cast, achievement of tight tolerance
  • Regardless of low or high volume, quality isn’t compromised.
  • Complex 3D shapes could easily be manufactured.
  • Mass production is cost-effective.
  • The minimization of machine cost and secondary process due to value engineering.

Applications of aluminum die casting 

Using aluminum has many perks, and due to its ability, it is used in many industries, and here are the most common applications of aluminum die-cast:

  1. Due to its excellent conductivity, it is used in electrical conductors and housing electrical equipment.
  2. Used in networking and infrastructure equipment
  3. Improves fuel automotive efficiency and many more.

Aluminum Die Casting Company In Malaysia

Why aluminum die casting is preferred?

Aluminum is undoubtedly one of the most light-weighted and most frequently cast non-ferrous metals, and due to more alternatives available in surface finishing, aluminum alloy is considered. Here are some of the reasons due to which aluminum die casting is preferred:

  • Insubstantial and long-time usage
  • The Strength-to-weight ratio is relatively good
  • An excellent conductor of electricity
  • Recyclable and reusable during the production phase
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Stiffness is also good
  • The large volume of die casting can be manufactured at a fast pace.

Due to its ability to handle high temperature and non-corrosive properties.