The window film is a product of modern architecture which often features large windows. It opens the space and brings in the essential sunlight to brighten up the room and the surroundings effectively. Even in cars, the windows are significantly useful for letting in the sunlight and brightening up the surroundings with the natural light. Therefore, window films are used to create an effect of depressing the light, to create a soothing effect on the eyes. It reduces the glare on various objects that have their own light such as electronic items and devices. They can be of any shade or colour but all tints impart shade from excessive light to save energy and provide protection from UV rays. The CoolVu window film provides relief to people who have sensitive eyesight and have a problem while working in excessive brightness.

What is a ceramic window film?

CoolVu window film

A ceramic window film refers to a ceramic type of film that helps in tinting the windows. It can be effectively applied to any of the windows in the house. Unlike other tints, it is not made from metals and does not conduct electricity or heat. This provides an advantage over the other films that might conduct heat or trap it inside the room, increasing the temperature of the room. This is effective at night too because there can be various types of lights entering from outside, which can disturb the sleep of anyone inside the room. The CoolVu window film makes it easier to perform a lot of tasks and removes any problems from sunlight or artificial lights. It makes it easier to perform and drive while working in the room or car while blocking light. It also helps in increased safety against the strong lights on the road when driving and never compromises the safety or visibility for the sake of security. This makes window tints and films a desirable feature in a world where tons of artificial lights can be distracting in nature while working or driving and often cause accidents.