With these tips you can keep your rv in optimal condition. Your rv is the most important, since it is what helps to go on a vacation. Click here to know about mobile rv cleaning service clay ny.

Review of brakes

The condition of the discs, the pads and the pedal must be checked by a mechanic at least once a month to avoid accidents. In addition to performing a periodic inspection of the brake fluid will allow good walking performance and greater driving safety. Visit this site to know about mobile rv cleaning service clay ny.

Tire review; State and pressure

Maintaining adequate air pressure when calibrating tires is an extremely important task. The tire pressure depends on the type of car, tire and wheels that are, therefore, it is variant in each case. It is also important to check that they are not cracked, worn or have no balls. Any deformity in the tire represents a critical risk to its operation and life. It is recommended that a specialist check the condition of the tires once a year.

Battery review

It is advisable to check the battery status at least every three months. The battery should be prevented from drying out, since the lack of liquid alters the operation of the battery, as well as reducing its useful life.

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Oil change

The oil helps keep your engine lubricated and clean, so it is advisable to change it every 12 thousand kilometers or six months. Although, if your vehicle is rough, you should consider reducing that time and mileage by half.

The oil in your car serves to lubricate it and prevent premature wear of moving parts, if the oil is not fresh it loses its properties, becomes dirty and can spoil the engine, which will result in costly repair or total loss of your vehicle.

Keep the cooling system working

An important aspect of the engine is the cooling system, which is mainly formed by the radiator, thermostat, pump and coolant. The best way to prevent your engine from overheating is to ensure that you have enough antifreeze fluid circulating through the engine.

The coolant circulates through the engine when the thermostat determines that the engine is warming up and needs to cool. The pump sends the radiator antifreeze to the engine block and then back to the radiator to cool it.

Therefore, it is very important that the coolant has to be at its optimum level, to check it you must locate the container of the same, its level should not be below the minimum, nor above the maximum.