The customers who want to take the car on a rental basis should keep in mind that the credit identification is not accepted for the cards. Our team will not take any type of responsibility for the overdrafts which are done to your account. The payment which is done for the pre-paid reservations cannot be modified or cancelled by the customers. The customers who have completed making their advance payment for used cars in Montclair will be charged immediately through their credit card. All the pre-paid reservations which are paid in advance are considered to be called as the discounted reservations. If you find any delay in the cancellation of the services then you can feel free to contact our team. Our team will not take any type of responsibility for the overdraft changes done by the customers.

used cars in montclair

Maintain a fleet of cars:

All the standard vehicles which are accepted at our company will completely vary from the range of luxury cars. The renters should always remember that the additional charges may be applicable based on their location. If you want to maintain a fleet of used cars in montclair then you will not require any special driver license. The customers can feel free to contact our team if they require any details about the credit card deposit. The license if a commercial operator will always be equivalent to the operator or renter who has a proper license. The credit card may be required at the time of deposit if the rental contract is already opened. The signature is usually accepted at any of the store cards particularly for the purpose of credit identification.

Effective and valid driver license:

The current home address should be provided in the utility bill along with your location. The signature of the customers can always be presented as a form of secondary identity. The circumstances of the midway car rentals should be taken into consideration by the customers to get the permissions. The car rentals can be done be easy if you are able to provide an effective and valid driver license. The advice is provided during the time of refund to use the debit card authorisation. If the vehicle is given for rent then you can find an increase in the deposit. The name which is provided on the driving licence should match with the name present on the debit card. The cancellation can be through Gmail or phone so that you can avoid the penalty charges.