When time comes for buying the used car, there’re a few pros and cons that you must take in your consideration. Let us look at the pros of buying the used cars in el cajon.

  • One benefit is very obvious is the lower purchase rate. The new vehicles that have left their dealers lot will lose its value immediately. Buying the used car allows your prior owner to take a hit on the depreciation.
  • Second benefit will be the lower taxes. As the car has already depreciated in the value, you can just pay the tax on depreciated value.
  • Thirdly is the reduction in cost of the car insurance rate. And with the lower purchase rate as well as older model year car, your insurance firm can base the rate on these rather than higher rates of the new car. It is much cheaper to replace your used car!

used cars in el cajon

Here are some cons of buying the used cars.

  1. Number one con of buying used car is that your car might have been in some kind of accident. There’re around 2 million cars that have got accidents each year and your odds of buying one of them is very high. One simple way of avoiding such thing is asking that Carfax be provided prior to buying any vehicle.
  2. Second con will be your used vehicle might not have manufacturer warranty. The cars that are normally four years old, do not have any factor warranty left. Suppose you are purchasing the used car from the car dealer you can purchase the extended warranty at some added cost.
  3. Thirdly, the older cars are prone to the wear & tear problems. Thus, without warranty you are left holding this bag for the repair costs. Also buying cars from the reputable dealers you must purchase the extended warranty at the added rate. Such warranties will pay off in a long run.


So here you have it – and you have got some amazing tips while it comes about buying the used car on internet or researching for the sale vehicles. You must look for the data on model and make of your car that you have set your sight on. After determining on what car to purchase, you need to check your car or let your mechanic to check this for out you.